I Stand Shrouded With Pride 

​With admiring eyes locked on my face

“You’re so beautiful” they say
Those days long gone
I stand shrouded in black
Blending in, no more do i stand out
Plain as plain can be, I feel a pang as I see
Girls who used to look just like me

In a society that tells women to flaunt their beauty
I stand as a stranger, for no more beauty can they see
Seeking to have the admiration of days before, I remind myself
For God and His pleasure I did cover

The whispers of my enemy sometimes do get to me
The days of admiration long gone
I however stand as my mothers once did
Shrouded with diginity and honor
I no longer a slave to society, the latest fashion and makeup trends
I stand shrouded with my Lord’s mercy

For He who created me I did cover, and with that I rise
I rise like the wind blowing into the horizon
Invisible yet powerful
Invisible yet beautiful

My worth no longer based on appearance
I stand shrouded with pride


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