Back to the grind 

My semester break is officially over to my dismay. It was a much needed one month off (burn out is real guys) that seemed to end so quickly but alhamdulilah.

Today was actually a pretty good day since tutorial was cancelled and we got a new biochem professer (thank God!) 

My goal this semester is to make daily summaries for the relevant day’s lecture and hopefully I’ll never have to play catch up.

Anywhos I’ve got to go and study today’s lecture.I guess relaxation is over and it’s back to the grind for me. 



​So I’ve always admired spoken word poetry and since I’m on my semester break (I’m a second year medical student) I now have time to write and dabble into spoken word myself.

I love the way you can express emotions, thoughts, ideas and experiences into words. It’s simply beautiful.
Not only will I be posting poetry but also my experience in medical school.

Here goes nothing..